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Powder coating requires less energy and emits few, if any, volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants, which eliminates the need for expensive pollution control equipment. Powder over-spray can be recovered or reused. Powder coating also costs less to apply than liquid paint and we pass those savings along to our customers.

In addition to durability (research shows powder coating lasts about eight years vs. wet coating’s five years), the turnaround time for powder coating is much faster than with wet coatings. It is straightforward process. The surface is sandblasted to ensure it’s clean and free of grease, dust, dirt and rust. Then we spray the powder with a gun and put the item in the curing oven. It’s fired, usually for less than one hour, allowed to cool and shipped.

If a customer needs something coated quickly, we can ship it within hours of receiving it if we use powder. Paint can take two days to dry, especially when it’s humid.

Drips, runs and sags are virtually impossible when applying powder coatings. Each worker inspects his own work. Our rejection rate is less than 1 percent. The key is a clean shop.

Another key to success is a dedicated team of 13 full-time workers and two part-time workers.  Sandblasting, wet paint, powder and non-skid coatings available. Our 32 foot oven enables us to handle powder coating jobs of all sizes.

It’s the finish of choice for thousands of consumer, agricultural and industrial products, including: Appliances, automotive parts, bathroom fixtures, bicycle frames, bunk bed frames, computer cases, engine blocks, farm equipment, filing cabinets, garden tools, golf pull carts, lawn mowers, manifolds, motorcycle frames, outdoor grills, patio furniture, radiators, small tanks, trailers, tools, toolboxes, vending machines, vent covers, wrought iron rails, etc.

    Powder coatings are available in virtually every color, including clear coats and metallics.

    Textures come in; Wrinkle, alligator skin, spider web, hammertone, splatter.

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